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Miss Flozey? Miss Flozey? Oh my f*cking God she f*cking dead

I'm gonna start this ish off with a little "sorry, not exactly sorry". I've been gone a LONG ASS TIME. Not totally gone of course, as if I could really stay away from social media. But real talk, the blogzey came on the backburner for a while. Final year came and went (hello 2.1 degree!!!!) and as expected, I have only stuck to one of my new years resolutions from my January post. All my plans went out the window, thanks to a whirlwind, exhausting year - and it doesn't show much sign of slowing down. I'm now working full time in my café job, which takes up a whack of my energy and between balancing that, my social life and keeping up with the Kpop-dashians, I don't exactly sleep a lot!!
I'm sure a lot of you who read my blog are the same, fresh out of college and not a bloody breeze what's next. Sure, I do plan on going to Nottingham to study at some point. I do plan on getting a job out of my degree. But five months on, all I want to do is sleep. …

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