2016 kpop - a half year review!

what's up everyone?! can you believe we're halfway through the year already? time's going too quickly, i hope the summer goes really slowly so i can enjoy my freedom before the dreaded final year of college! since i started blogging and doing k-pop posts, i've been so excited to do this particular post. now that we're into june, it's time to look back at this year's comebacks so far and give you a glimpse of some of my faves. as always, there's a playlist below of everything plus more so take a listen and let me know who's caught your eye so far in 2016.


zico - i am you, you are me

i was really out-of-tune with kpop in january, because i was spending a lot of time with my then-boyfriend before he moved back to busan in february. when i did eventually catch up, i was surprisingly snaked by mr woo jiho and this gorgeous gorgeous tune. "make up to break up" is one of my favourite albums from the year so far, which included this track and one that zico wrote for luna of f(x), "it was love" and i am still obsesed with both of them almost six months later. 

stellar - sting

i love stellar, they're one of my favourite so-called "nugu groups". the girlies' last single "vibrato" was one of my favourites in 2015 and i was hoping they'd return from war with another banger, and i wasn't disappointed. this time around, mid-tempo synth-pop doozy "sting" had me with its cheeky choreo and fun video. stellar's videos are always so clever! i'm hoping their next comeback gets them the recognition they need.

gfriend - rough

of course, i couldn't make this list without mentioning one of my lovely ult groups, gfriend. the girlies came back from their immensely popular "me gustas tu" with another smash. this time round they showed their more charasmatic and emotional sides with "rough" and, as expected, had huge success, earning them their first music show wins and even more fans! the choreo of this song is my favourite gfriend one to date, plus my lady ult and real-life-girlfriend yuju smashes the high note once again.


wjsn (cosmic girls) - mo mo mo/catch me

february came, my birthday came and at the end of the month, wuju came too!! i was so excited for my lil stars to debut since i saw eunseo in monsta x's "rush" video in september. my hype was not for no reason. the girlies brought it with their double title tracks, "mo mo mo" and "catch me". both songs are so different - "mo mo mo" being super poppy and infectious, whereas "catch me" is a badass hip-hop-esque track with FLIPS. so good!!! i'm so excited for them to come back. also, bona.

rainbow - whoo

"whoo" and i took a while to get together. i loved it instantly when i first heard it, but it wasn't until i was getting into seventeen (they did a dance cover of it for an mnet video fyi) that i discovered how much of a life-changing, disease-curing bop it was. it's been my go-to track for getting ready, for working out, for walking to work, for everything really! i'm still obsessed and i will be for a long time!

mamamoo - 1cm (taller than you)

mamamoo always deliver on two things - bops and memes. "1cm" gives both of those things! stepping a little away from their retro-pop side, this is a gas rap song, with the four queens slagging each other, claiming they're 1cm taller than each other - which they revealed is actually true!! the music video and performances of this track are so so so good. it's 100% my favourite one on "melting".


red velvet - one of these nights

march was a busy month for kpop, as always. my favourite comeback of march (as it was last year too!) was my tied-fave sm ladies, red velvet. for this comeback, they brought us "the velvet", a glorious mini album of soft, slow jams and ballads. you'd think "boring" right? of course not, it's red vel! "one of these nights" is a beautiful ballad with stunning vocals, proving that the fab five aren't just pretty faces and unreal dancers. which they are too of course - the live performances featured contemporary routines by seulgod seulgi, yeri and my lady irene.

7 on top (produce 101) - yum yum

march also brought the peak of unreal produce 101 bops, with the concept evaluations episode and i am obsessed with every single one!! from the gorgeous and emotional "in the same place" to the cool-as-fuck "fingertips" they really covered every concept possible. however, my favourite one was trap bop "yum yum" by 7 on top - somi, yoojung, chanmi, dani, park soyeon, siyeon and chaeyeon. this track confirmed soyeon as one of my favourite trainees and makes me so excited for her to debut and be the queen of rap that she really is.


seventeen - pretty u

what were you expecting though?? "pretty u" was a grower for me, i loved it at the start but what really made this one of my favourite tracks of the year was the choreography and performances. hoshi said in an interview that it was a musical style concept and it, like all seventeen's routines, is really clever and suits the song so much. kings of concepts, kings of love songs, kings of kpop. legends only xo

ioi - crush

of course, the girlies were gonna feature here!! produce 101's lovely eleven debuted in may but when the show ended, they teased us with this pure banger which is still in my playlist. i love the routine, the rap, sejeong and yeunjung's bridge and the music video shows them doing what they do best, being the cutest babbins in the world. tens all round for me!!


monsta x - all in

another expected result? of course no half-year round up could be done without my ultimate favourites. i'll keep it brief, as i spoke all about this in my last post. pure perfection. mup the lads!!!

nam woohyun - still i remember

my love for world's-best-vocal, nam woohyun is not a secret. the man has been one of the loves of my life for a long time now, so you can imagine my sheer excitement when his solo album "write.." was announced. i'm not usually the biggest fan of ballads but i love my boy and his vocals shine so much in this album and the video for title "still i remember" is so emotional. the song did really well on the charts and i'm so so so looking forward to album two, even if i do have to wait another thousand years for it.

jonghyun - white tshirt

this one is a real latecomer to this list. jong only came back a week ago and this is already one of my favourite songs of the year so far. i'm so disappointed it's not a title track!! the thing about sm is that they let artists take control of the concepts/music when it's a solo release and everything jonghyun writes and produces is gold. "white tshirt" is my favourite song on "she is", it sounds like the caribbean, tropical dance pop songs that are played day-in, day-out on the radio and i'm all for it!! 

these tunes are just some of my favourites of the year so far. i've left even more in the playlist below so if you fancy it you can take a cheeky peeky!

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