first impression: makeup revolution contour and flawless eyeshadow pallets

hey everyone!! it's time for another first impressions post and boy am i excited about this one! i had been wanting to try some of makeup revolution's products for the longest time and because superdrug is so hard to access where i am (the omni is a sheer effort and i'm lazy hahaha!!) i'm only getting round to it now. i picked up their ultra contour pallet and the flawless 32 shade eyeshadow pallet while i was waiting on my flight in nottingham and to make a long story short, i am so impressed.

the contour pallet features six contour shades and two baked highlighters. they are so pigmented it's unreal!! so much so that even with tan on, i'm literally using the smallest amount of the lightest brown one - something i'm not used to at all! i usually pack the contour on so it's definitely gonna take some getting used to but so far i absolutely love them. i don't know when i'll ever get to the two dark colours but sure, we'll see. the highlighters are stunning too, the white/silver one is more pigmented than the bronzey one but i've been mixing them both and they look so good together. the pallet cost me £8 (i don't know how much they retail for in ireland i'm afraid but their website ships here and says they're €11.10 so take a look!) which is unbelievable considering how high quality it is. i would seeeeeriously recommend!

(l-r) pure chocolate, red night, copper shimmer, highlite, black tie, universal, golden night, tarnish

i was battling between all the pallets they had in stock and eventually, i settled for the flawless pallet, simply on the fact the box it comes in is rose gold!! i was so in shock that i could get 32 shadows for only £8 but didn't want to get too excited until i tested them out. i was pleasantly surprised, thankfully. the shadows are so so pigmented and unbelievably easy to blend - win, win and win!! i am dying to do a proper look with these on my day off tomorrow (i haven't been wearing makeup as i've been in work!) and if i end up out at the weekend too. i'm so so so happy with them. again, i'm not sure how much they retail for here but you can get them on their website for €11.10

here's when i first tried them both out properly yesterday - highlight on fleek then!!! lipstick is gwen stefani x urban decay in ex-girlfriend.

i am so excited about both these products and i have a shopping cart full on their website ready for when i'm paid tomorrow! have you tried any of their products before? what should i get next?

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