june favey faves!

hey guys!! can you believe june is over already? i've been so tired from working, it feels like all the days are running into one for me, so the fact that it's july already is madness!! 2016 is already halfway over and it's freaking me out to be fair. as usual, i'm here with my favourites for this month, so without further blabber let's jump right in! don't forget to take a look at what songs i've been loving this month in the playlist at the end too!

urban decay vice lipstick in 1993

i have joined the brown lipstick bandwagon ladies and gents!! i had been so so hyped for the line of vice lipsticks that urban decay released this month for ages, so much so that i wrote a list of every single lipstick from the range that i wanted! 1993 is a comfort matte, meaning it has a matte finish but it's creamy and doesn't dry the bejaysus out of your lips. it's a really pretty light brown, kylie jenner-esque shade which looks even nicer on. i am obsessed!! i'm dying to get more from this range, fronted by the gorgeous ruby rose.

makeup revolution

okay, so i know i already wrote a post on two of my makeup revolution pallets but OH MY GOD i have to keep talking about them because no words can do them justice!! everything is so pigmented, so easy to blend and looks amazing on, my makeup really has never been better since discovering these products. i'm so excited to get my hands on even more!!

penneys ps makeup brushes

first things first (i'm the realist) please excuse the dirt of my brushes!!! i had semi-low expectations of the new-and-improved line of penneys cosmetics to be honest. however, when i actually used them, i was so impressed!! my favourite of them is the fan highlighter brush, which makes my highlight look so much better than when i used a fluffy eyeshadow brush. i'm always on the lookout for more from this range - i'm hoping for more fluffy eyeshadow brushes soon!

vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser in cocoa radient

i've been moisturising up for my holiday to portugal this week and this lil spray has been my best friend recently. the smell is AMAZING and it leaves my skin feeling soft soft soft. the upside to this, compared to other moisturisers i've used is that it dries really quickly, plus you only need the smallest amount to cover you, and trust me i'm hella tall so it just goes to show!! i definitely recommend!

new look velvet choker

chokers were all the rage last summer, but i had short hair at the time and the combo made me look really odd. fast forward to now, when my hair is at a decent length and low and behold, i've fallen for the trend! if you follow my instagram you'll notice that a lot of my recent selfies have feature this lil velvet beauty that i picked up at the start of the month in new look, which was €6 with a gorgeous gold pendant too. i'm trying to wean myself off wearing it all the time cause i'm starting to have a problem now, whoops!!

comeback of the month

luna - the first mini album "free somebody"

i have been waiting for a luna solo album since i first discovered f(x), this time two years ago. they're one of my favourite groups and aside from my lovely lady ult, gfriend's yuju, luna is easily my favourite kpop main vocal. "free somebody" didn't disappoint - the mini album generally is out of this world. it's got a good mix of genres, from dancey synth-pop to the token park sunyoung power ballad. the title track itself is a 80s vibing synth-pop with killer high notes from the vocal queen as well as a neon lit, cartoon music video. luna proves once again that she is a real queen. my favourite b-side track is a mid-tempo synth banger "keep on doin" which i may/may-not like more than the title!! nevertheless, "free somebody" is one of my favourite releases in a very long time.

july is gonna be a fab month, with my holiday to portugal fast approaching and loads of deadly comebacks from the likes of gfriend, nct, red velvet (apparently!!!) and my boys seventeen, plus a unit group from starship (monsta x and wuju interactions pleeease!!!). lots to look forward to, as well as some styling posts and reviews - i've bought lots of new things so stay tuned!!

that's all for now folks and as always, thank you so much for reading!! i'd love if you could give me a cheeky follow on bloglovininstagram, twitter and like my facebook page, if you want! 


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