Top 10 Summer Beauty Buys

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If you hadn't noticed, I haven't really been active on the blog in the last couple of months. Summer has been odd for my family ,from illnesses to big events and back again. Pairing that with 12 weeks of pretty much full-time work, as you can probably imagine, blogging hasn't been a priority for me. Now I'm back to college and hopefully to normality and I'm finally feeling motivated to blog my arse off - yahoo!! 

With working full time comes money and with money comes makeup. And when I say makeup I mean a LOT of makeup. I have bought more makeup than I really feel comfortable sharing - an excessive amount according to my family!! But can you ever have too much?? 😏 To give you a roundup of what exactly is lurking in my makeup bag right now, this post is gonna give you the low down on my ten favourite products I picked up over the summer. I've found some holy grail stuff over the last two months so let's dive right in!

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Morphe Brushes 35W eyeshadow pallet 

I finally bit the bullet and bought one of Morphe Brushes's well-coveted eyeshadow pallets and I am obsessed!! I originally wanted 35O, as I constantly gravitate to copper and red toned shadows, but they're like gold dust! I picked up the 35W on Beauty Bay, after seeing it had many of the same shades as Kylie Jenner's Kyshadow pallet. The pallet, first off, is unreal value - 35 decent sized shadows for just under €20 is unbelievable! I wasn't expecting much regarding the quality and pigment, given the price of the pallet but luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. They're really pigmented and easy to blend (note - my blending is actually getting better!!!) and with so many colours in the pallet, it's easy to create lots of different looks. I can't wait to pick up more pallets from Morphe and try their brushes too.

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Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smoothening Balm
(what an awful picture!!!)

When I was in Portugal I stumbled into my life dream - a Sephora. I legit died and went to heaven. We don't have any Sephora stores in Ireland and it's not very often I'm on the continent or in the States so I literally ran around the shopping centre looking for it. I spent a looooot of money on some gorgeous things but my favourite of these was from a little stand of some South Korean cosmetics (are you even shocked though??). They have a lot of Tony Moly stuff on Kpop Town but I had never seen this particular product before. It's a balm, akin to Benefit's Porefessional, that reduces the look of pores. I have only noticed in the last few months how big my pores actually are so I'll buy every pore filling product I can get my claws on. This one is my personal favourite out of all the balms I've tried. It made my pores look noticeably smaller and kept my makeup on in the blistering heat. I'm running out of it now and can't find it online anywhere so I'm trying to use it sparingly, I'm gonna be devastated when it's all gone.

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NYX Liquid Suede Liquid Lipsticks

Dublin has finally been blessed with proper NYX stands - applause applause applause!!!! Just before I went away I bought a couple bits to try while I was away and Liquid Suede came 110% out on top as, not just my favourite NYX product but my tied favourite liquid lipstick ever!! The shade selection in Jervis isn't the full shilling but I have three shades, Soft Spoken, Tea and Cookies and Kitten Heels. Soft Spoken is my favourite of the bunch (a dark mauve toned nude, what a surprise). These lippies are so easy to apply and stay on all day, I mean if a lipstick can stay on me through a full nine hour shift it's a clear favourite for me.

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Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer

My first Too Faced product I purchased this summer was the Melted Matte liquid lipstick in Cool Girl. And while I adored the shade and the packaging, the formula wasn't staying on me for love nor money. I copped through trial and error that I was just putting too much product on but I figured a lip primer might help my case. I picked up their Lip Insurance primer and I was so amazed. The Melted Matte managed to stay put once I used it. Even lipsticks that don't have great staying power stayed on for longer with it, so I'm definitely sold! I hate spending money on primers but I really don't think I could live without this one. 

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Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Glitter Liner

I watch a lot of Ru Paul's Drag Race so I know a lil bit about a glittery eye. What I mainly knew was I couldn't do them to save my life! My friend, and makeup genius, Martina recommended the Collection glitter liners and I haven't looked back since. These liners are beautiful!!! They are so pigmented and sparkly, they dry quickly and stay put for hours with very little sparkle fallout. How could I refuse? My glitter eye skills are improving at last and I have these liners to thank.

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L'oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara

I hardly ever buy mascara. I'll get one nice high end mascara at Christmas and I'll use it until it goes off or dries up and then buy little mini ones until December rolls back round. I was buying some L'oreal foundation when I came back from Portugal and picked up this Miss Manga mascara on a three for two offer. I was blown away with how gorgeous it went on. Maybe it's just cause I was so used to thick bristled wands, the change to a thinner, plastic wand was a welcome one. I love how flexible the wand is, making it so much easier to get every last lash. My lashes look really nice and full which is great when I'm too lazy to put falsies on (ie all the time!!).

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Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger

After saying I wouldn't buy into the Kylie Jenner phenomenon, I gave in and boy was it worth it. I ordered the Ginger lip kit, alongside a single matte liquid lipstick in True Brown K. TBK was the one I originally was lusting for but I fell in absolute love with Ginger. I wore it for my brother's Debs party last week and didn't need to top it up all day. My word of warning is to only use a small amount of lipstick, a little bit of product goes a long way!! I'm really loving these so far and I'm so excited to get some more (when I can afford it again!!!)

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Tantastic Fast Drying Self Tan Liquid in Medium

I am mad for fake tan. As much as I can embrace the pale on a day to day basis, I find it hard to do a glam night out without a lil bit of back up. I don't know what it is with my skin tone but even the lightest tan looks dark on me!! I bought Tantastic after all the girls in work raved about it and was so pleased with the results. My skin on my hands and legs is generally quite dry so I find it hard to find tan that nicely but this one fades out nicely after washing, without being streaky or patchy in problem areas like knees, elbows and ankles. It even lasts well on my hands despite constantly washing them in work. The liquid formula is easy to apply with a mitt and develops nicely overnight. I'm excited to try the other formulas from Tantastic and to be bronzed and glam throughout the winter months.

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Flormar Perfect Coverage 12 Hour Foundation

I heard about Flormar through my gorgeous friend Aimee, who writes for Confetti magazine. They're an Italian brand who are sweeping across Ireland with their affordable yet high quality makeup. I love their Illuminating Primer Makeup Base, which I spoke about in my May Favourites post, and decided one rainy pay day I needed to broaden my range. I am always on the hunt for the fullest coverage foundation around and this particular one is amazing, I mean they don't lie when they say that it's Perfect Coverage. This foundation covers everything - lumps, bumps and even a lil bit of discolouration and it stays on too, which is great for 9-5 days in college. I bought it a little bit too dark for everyday wear but it's brilliant for the days when my tan has faded and I'll definitely be picking up the lightest shade when I run out of my current pale foundation. My only issue is that it transfers onto things when it touches off it, like my phone when I'm taking a call, but I like the coverage so much that I'm willing to look past it!!

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Makeup Revolution Ultimate Blush Pallet in Sugar and Spice

I've mentioned before how much I love Makeup Revolution. It's become one of my favourite budget brands since I bought my first products in Nottingham in June. Total Healthcare Pharmacy in Artane Castle have recently got a stand in and I can't go there anymore in fear that I'll spend all my money!! My favourite product of theirs has to be the Ultimate Blush Pallet in Sugar and Spice. I wouldn't be a huge advocate for blusher and wouldn't buy a lot of it but this pallet has all the colours I would ever use for a very reasonable price. The reason I love this pallet so much though is for the two pink baked highlighters. They are gorgeous!!! They are the most sparkly and glittery products I own and the pigmentation is no joke. They're probably my favourite highlighters in my large ass collection. 

Have you tried any new products this summer? What do you think I should try next? Please let me know in a comment or tweet if I'm missing anything life changing!!!

That's all for now folks and as always, thank you so much for reading!! I'd love if you could give me a cheeky follow on Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and like my Facebook page, if you want! 


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