September Favourites

September flew in far faster than I am comfortable with. College is back in full swing and I'm back to working one to two days a week so it's all go for me! Despite all my goings on, I still have time to play and I've got loads of things I've loved this month so let's get right into it!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

My two best friends were away in the States this month and brought me back some unreal bits and pieces. One of the things I got was the cult favourite Tattoo Liner by the gorgeous Kat Von D. Originally I wasn't going to ask for it because you can now get her whole range on Debenhams' website but I said I might as well see what the hype was all about ahead of the pack. I usually wouldn't go for a felt tip liner but I really love this one! It is so easy to use and I can get a really sharp flick with it. It's very very black too which is key. I am so happy I decided to bite the bullet and I'll definitely be buying it again.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo

I am currently in the midst of going back to blonde and needless to say I am so excited. It's gonna be a long road and trying to stop myself from bleaching it myself is hard but I trust my hairdresser girlies. I have had two heads of highlights already and to help speed the process and eliminate any chance of orange hair I've been using Bleach London's Silver Shampoo. I use it twice a week before I regularly shampoo and condition my hair and it's gets brighter with every wash. One more round to go and hopefully I will be a cheeky bombshell - wahoo!!!

Milk Cosmetics Highlighter in Supernova

I had never heard of Milk Cosmetics until my girlies Natalie and Cat introduced me to the Supernova highlighter and I GAGGED for it. I got my friends to bring me one home from America as Milk Cosmetics don't ship to Ireland. I am so so so in love with it, it's absolutely stunning. I've never seen anything like it! Supernova is a holographic purple colour that isn't too obvious on the skin until you catch yourself in the light. When it does hit the light it's iridescent, unlike any of my other highlighters. I know I'll be using this all party season and I am gonna be so devastated when it runs out.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Photo taken from Google Images 

After a beautiful two year relationship I have flown the nest and left Team iPhone, in favour of a little Samsung ditty. Who am I??? I can't even believe myself 🙊. I traded my iPhone 6 in for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge this month and I am absolutely loving it! It's not as hard to adjust as I thought it would be, mainly as you can get the majority of apps on the Google Play store, including my bae Apple Music. The zinger with this phone is the curved screen, I feel so sophisticated with it!! I love the edge panel which lets me get to all my most used apps within a swipe. Samsung, this could be the start of something new!!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Pallet

I don't like chocolate but I can make an exception for this gorgeous pallet! I was so hesitant to pick this up but with a bit of arm twisting from my friend Jessie and my brother (who was stuck with me at the Too Faced counter) I invested and I'm so glad I did! I won't go into too much details as I have a full review coming up in a few posts time but just know this pallet is so gorgeous, really pigmented and a dream to blend. Not to mention the chocolate smell could make anybody hungry!! Yum yum!


I am a keen avoider of horror movies or anything scary, as I am a ten year old baby trapped in a lanky twenty two year old's body. The only exception to this rule for me is the Scream films. The series were some of the defining flicks from my teenage years, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across the Scream TV series on Netflix. The series follows the same theme as the film series; a mysterious phone caller committing a load of murders in a small town. I was not prepared for how terrified I'd actually be while watching it but I was so sucked in, it's all I tweeted about for a good week or so!! My best friend Shauna watched it before me and I bombarded her with WhatsApps the whole time about how stressed I was. I will say though, I guessed the killer from season two all the way back in season one so I was dead proud of myself. I am praying that MTV commission another season of Scream, as rumour has it there might not be another!! Though there's apparently a two hour Halloween special out next month and I am already living for it!

Comebacks of the Month

Infinite - 태풍 The Eye

Infinite were the first boy group I had the fire in my soul for in Kpop. I don't talk about them on my stan twitter anymore because I just get really emo that they only have one comeback a year. I absolutely adore them; they have one of the most solid discographies out of any artist I listen to, not to mention their knife-sharp choreography and lovely personalities. And Nam Woohyun. 

The boys came back this month with a dark concept and their sixth mini album Infinite Only. Their title track this time around is a beat-driven orchestral song called 태풍 (The Eye), composed by Bee of Rphabet, the duo who produced Back and Alone from their life changing album Be Back. In true Infinite style, the song has superb vocals from all seven members, insanely good production and an unreal post chorus breakdown complete with a powerful dance break. They've hit it out of the park once again!! The mini album is equally as good as the title track, which is a bonus. With this release, Infinite show no signs of slowing down as they go into their seventh year of activities. Seventh year curse where??

Laboum - 푱푱 Shooting Love

Okay so I may be cheating a little bit with this one, given that it came out in August and I only usually have one track in my COTM but when it comes to this song I cannot even help myself! Laboum are always bloody killing it and are always working their lil asses off to get themselves known as their rookie status comes to an end. Their track What About You is one of my favourite Kpop songs ever but it is very possible that this comeback may or may not have trumped it completely. 

Yep ladies and gentlemen this song is so good it has possibly brought itself to the top of my favourite songs list already. 푱푱 is a sweet, predominantly up-tempo pop bop, staying true to Laboum's ever-cool and quirky concept. I love the switch between mid and up tempo, mixed with one of the most fun girl group dance routines I've seen in a while. The lyrics are cool and witty, with Yulhee finally getting to show off how much of a rap god she really is. Every member gets a moment in the spotlight in this one, from Haein's charismatic whisper rap to Soyeon's angelic power vocals and back again. This one is definitely in the running for my favourite comeback of the year so far. AMAZE.

What did you guys fall for in September? And what should I try this month? October is always a fun month with Halloween fever setting in - this year I am off to Nottingham to see my bestie Summer and the gals for the bank holiday weekend which is always a good time. Can't wait to get absolutely spoopy!! 😁🎃

That's all for now folks and as always, thank you so much for reading!! I'd love if you could give me a cheeky follow on Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and like my Facebook page, if you want! 


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