Review: Flawless Natural Basics Palette

Flawless is one of the brands really coming to the forefront of Irish cosmetics in the last couple of months, from their contour palette to their brushes, in particular the Wonder Brush collection that I reviewed last year. They were one of the first brands to bring out a budget version of the round brushes, which of course brought them to my attention. In this post, I'll be taking a look at their first eyeshadow and highlighter palette, the Natural Basics palette. It was released in November last year along with their Smoky palette. 

The palette comes with ten shadows (five matte, five shimmer), ranging from light nudes to dark browns and black, and four large highlighters. There's two lighter champagne shades and two darker, golden/bronze shades, making this pallet suitable for all skin tones. Yay!! There's also a good sized mirror, in case you're like me and always end up doing your face on the go. I really like the packaging of the palette but I did find it a little bit hard to clean for taking pictures for the blog post. If you're one for having your palettes squeaky clean all the time, I'd recommend tapping off excess product away from the palette itself.

Shades - Creme Brulée, Vanilla, Gold Dust, Mocha, Goddess

Shades - Romance, Brown Sugar, Jungle, Chocolate, Blackout

Highlighter Shades - Platinum, Champagne, Honey Lust, Amber Lights

I found some of the shades to be not totally pigmented, in particular the matte shades (other than the black). They are really easy to blend, though, especially the two darker browns, Mocha and Chocolate. Mocha in particular makes a really nice transition shade, it looks dark but it comes out much lighter and blends so nicely. The shimmer shades and highlighters are really pigmented, equally as easy to blend and really make a statement. 

The fact that the shades blend so easily make this palette so much more attractive to me. I love layering the two lighter highlighters on top of a liquid highlighter (such as Benefit High Beam or Nyx Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam) to make a really bright glow. The other great thing about the palette is that it was only a tasty €19.95, which is such a bargain, especially when I'm trying to save for 61 million things. Makes me feel less guilty about buying it!

I picked this up in Tully's Total Health Pharmacy in Raheny but you can get it for yourself in any of Flawless' stockists. You can check the full list out here!!

Thanks for reading, lotsa love!!



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